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Our law firm client, an established, national "bricks and mortar" Atlanta-based firm, is continuing their expansion through the addition of attorneys interested in working from home. The firm offers the best of both worlds - traditional bricks and mortar service support (billing, IT, marketing, reception, group insurance, reporting services, etc.) with modern day practice location flexibility. Their new model is perfect for attorneys with a minimum of $300K in portable business who need flexibility, or who are no longer a fit for their current law firm overhead structure. Attorneys who aren't yet ready to retire, or who need to reduce their rates without sacrificing quality of service -- or who just want to work remotely but need back office support. And the model allows the attorneys working on any matter to split 70%-80% of the collection while getting the same benefits as partners in high overhead firms.

The firm particularly is interested in candidates in the northeast, Florida, California, Illinois, North Carolina, Texas and Washington, D.C. but ANY location will be considered. Only $300K per attorney in portables is required to join this full-service firm with blue chip clients, strong referral potential and no minimum billable hours requirements. Most of the attorneys at the firm have prior AmLaw or in-house backgrounds and are considered tops in their market.

  • Big firm attorneys - Maximize your earnings and set your own rates while still working for a highly-respected, traditional, bricks-and-mortar law firm comprised of former AmLaw 100 and 200 attorneys and in-house counsel.
  • Sole practitioners/Small Firm Owners - Outgrowing your current platform? Or are you turning away work because you don't have the time or the expertise? The firm offers an aggressive compensation model, back office support, access to a blue-chip health plan, etc.
  • Attorneys facing mandatory retirement - This firm has no retirement age and highly values experienced lawyers. Keep working, enjoy top attorney support for your clients, continue earning off originations, all while enjoying location and hours flexibility.
  • Attorneys with families - This firm is 100% open to, and is set up for, attorneys working remotely. The firm also has practice support for most areas of the law if you want or need to focus on family. Have the best of both worlds by balancing work and family life while continuing to earn from your originations, maintain a partner position and work from home!
  • For further information, contact Sherie Bush at All inquiries will be held in strictest confidence.