How We Work


Our Relationships. We have developed our client relationships through our past law firm and professional associations and our vast network of friends and colleagues within the legal and business communities. We have maintained those relationships through our reputation for honesty, integrity and professionalism. We understand our clients, their individual cultures, their financial expectations, their hiring criteria and, generally, what it means to be a partner, associate,in-house counsel or law firm employee. Our clients recognize this, and trust that we will carefully assess each candidate prior to making a presentation, will evaluate needs against the credentials of the candidate, and will present only the most qualified candidates for consideration - whether for a permanent firm position, part-time in-house position, contract opportunity or other need. We save our clients valuable time and effort in this process.

Our Candidates.Our candidates come from a variety of backgrounds, including large and small law firms, in-house legal departments, and government positions. We work with partners, counsel, administrative and management professionals. Most of our candidates are referrals from friends and colleagues and, most flattering, from our prior placements. Our candidate pool is diverse in every respect. However, please note that we are unable to work with new law graduates or first year law associates.

Our Candidate Screening Process. Years of experience (including as attorneys in the case of West Highland recruiters) make us uniquely qualified to review resumes, assess candidate qualifications, ability, character and work ethic and evaluate career potential. We personally interview all in-town candidates and do our best to find the right "fit" for each, regardless of experience or academics. We are honest with each candidate about his or her strengths and weaknesses and how to work with those strengths (or around those weaknesses) in finding the right position and choosing the best career path. We will never submit a candidate unless we truly believe that they not only fit the criteria for the position sought, but are a cultural "fit" as well.

In pre-screening all candidates we ask hard questions:

  • Why are you considering leaving your current position? And how much thought have you given that decision
  • What are your short and long-term career goals/
  • Are you happy in your current practice area?
  • What culture would suit you best?
  • What billable hours requirements are a comfortable match?
  • Are you interested in income maximization or do you want to trade income for a reduced hours situation?
  • Our Counseling Services A vital part of our job is counseling. We counsel our firm and corporate clients on current market information, growth strategies, reputation-building and recruiting techniques. We counsel our candidates on their personal options. We advise attorneys looking to start their own practices, assisting in advance with insurance, technology and other needs.

    Our Partner-level Evaluations. In addition to meeting and interviewing our partner and counsel candidates, we perform addition diligence. We

    • obtain, review and confirm past historical financial performance information
    • carefully prepare projections with detailed client information
    • stay heavily involved in the diligence and negotiation processes
    • assist in the evaluation of compensation requests
    • as requested, assist in the client conflict review process

    Our Integrity. We believe in full disclosure. We always err on the side of conservatism and we will never oversell a candidate, inflate projections, or withhold information. We also offer honest feedback on why a candidate declined an offer or why an offer was not extended. We will uphold these principles even if it results in loss of a commission. We never will compromise our values for any reason whatsoever.

    Contact Us. Thank you for considering West Highland Placement. For further information, or to inquire about current opportunities in the Atlanta market, please contact any one of us!