• Why should I use a search firm?
  • Search firms offer you the benefit of experience in the process and knowledge of the market. Not only do we frequently know of positions which are not publicly advertised, we know who to call, how to present you in the best light for consideration by the particular firm, and how to advocate for you as a candidate - something that is sometimes awkward for you to do for yourself. A search firm knows what individual firms will and won't do - such as which may offer signing bonuses, which may look at "outside the box" candidates, and which may rely less heavily on law school grades in the evaluation process. They also know that, when they receive a resume from us, it has been pre-screened to fit their qualifications and therefore are more likely to consider it before non-search-firm-submitted applications.

  • May I use more than one recruiter?
  • Sure, and you may wish to do just that, particularly if you are interested in in-house positions. Companies often use only a few recruiting firms, so you may find that you need to speak to several search professionals to learn of all in-house opportunities available.

    With respect to law firm searches, one recruiter generally can explore all your opportunities for you, but you may still elect to work with more than one search firm. If you do, you should make certain that each is being careful to check with you for permission before they submit your resume, and that you always know where you are being submitted and by whom. It is not in your best interests to be "double-submitted" for a particular position. Not all search firms are the same. Make certain that each you select provides ethical, confidential, and professional service.

  • Will I have to pay a recruiting fee?
  • No. All placement fees are paid directly by the firm or company by whom you are employed. There is no cost to you in using our services. We do ask, however, that you refer your friends and colleagues to us for their search needs.

  • How much experience do I need?
  • We work only with associates who are considered to be at least in their second-year by the firms we represent. In addition, most positions have specific minimum experience requirements and you will be considered as a candidate for those firms only if you meet that criteria.

  • What will I need to do to get started?
  • Please contact us if you are considering a move. We will discuss your reasons for your interest in a change, your qualifications and the possible positions that might be right for you. If you wish to explore your opportunities further, we will help you put together a current resume, and narrow down the firms to which you would like to be presented for consideration. We will ask to meet with you as early as possible in the process, and certainly prior to submitting you to any of our clients for consideration, since most require us to pre-screen our candidates. We will be happy to accomodate your schedule in arranging this meeting.

  • This needs to be confidential. So how do my references get checked?
  • We will make certain that all information, including your candidacy is kept confidential by the law firm. We also will make certain that no references are checked until an offer has been made or at least is imminent. Many firms will extend an offer subject to satisfaction of due diligence matters such as references, conflict clearance, drug testing and criminal backgroung checks.

  • My law school grades weren't top 25%. Will that be a problem?
  • Many firms have minimum grade requirements for associates, even senior associates. They only will consider candidates - at any level - who have graduated in the top 25% at top tier law schools. Not all firms have such stringent requirements yet present excellent, equivalent career opportunities. Our recruiters will be candid about the requirements for all open positions, and will direct you towards those firms and opportunities for which you are a fit.

  • What is the best time in my career to make a move?
  • Most firms want lateral associates with two (2) to no more than six (6) years of experience. At the sixth year level, associate marketability for firm positions declines significantly. The same is not the case for in-house positions - more senior associates have greater marketability.

  • Can you help me with part-time or contract positions?
  • Sure. We work through a network of recruiting firms to offer you the greatest opportunity.